PROMPT.ed SOFTWARE - Maas Companies


PROMPT.ed™ is a web-based software solution designed to manage capital improvement projects. With 30 standard reports and a specialized report’s library exceeding 100 configurations, PROMPT.ed is capable of meeting the most demanding reporting requirements. PROMPT.ed tracks and reports finances and projects across multiple funding sources in real-time. The system is user friendly and interfaces with District accounting systems. PROMPT.ed is fully customizable and supported by MAAS’ full time IT support specialists. In use since 2006, PROMPT.ed is time-tested, approved by state auditing firms and has become an essential tool for project managers and finance teams on campuses across the state.

There are many project management software programs on the market, but none of them adequately focus on the complex financial and compliance reporting requirements specific to bond-funded facilities programs. With fully negotiable contract terms, PROMPT.ed is the solution for any size program or individual projects.


  • Over 30 Built-in Reports including Cash Flow Analysis
  • Tracks and reports multiple funding sources
  • Real-time information and reporting
  • Project Schedule creation and management (P6 Primavera)
  • Project Document storage and management
  • RFI Manager with project team communication tools and controls
  • Change Order management controls
  • Document delivery tracking and response reminders

MAAS utilizes the latest web and network standards to ensure that all data entered into PROMPT.ed is stored securely and backed-up regularly on company servers. Database backups are completed every twenty minutes and uploaded attachments are backed up instantaneously. Should a significant system failure occur, a new instance of PROMPT.ed can be deployed quickly without having to rebuild or recover any lost data.