Project Description

MAAS Companies, Inc. provided professional support services specific to the coordination and development of the Lake Tahoe Community College’s Educational Master Plan.

LTCC completed numerous planning activities yielding data integral to the planning process. Building on the work completed, MAAS is performed additional analysis to prepare a comprehensive Educational Master Plan focused on the goals and needs of the College. The completed plan includes an analysis of the College’s Program of Instruction and identifies data driven projections looking ahead 10 years.

Conclusions derived from an external environmental scan, complemented by existing college planning documents, were reviewed to determine an overall “growth rate” for the college. Using this growth rate, specific WSCH targets for individual courses, programs and the overall college were established. The defined targets, as included in the completed plan, inform course planning helping to create schedules optimized to meet the educational goals of the student population.

Purpose of Educational Master Plan

The educational master planning process at Lake Tahoe Community College produced a Plan capable of guiding other integrated planning efforts at the College. The Educational Master Plan will be used to support determination of the amount, and type, of space needed for the College’s programs of instruction and support services. As part of the planning effort, past and present conditions, both internally and externally, were used to inform the projections to ensure support of the future needs of the College’s students and community.

The Educational Master Plan was developed through the collaboration between the different segments of the College community keeping with the intent and spirit of participatory governance.

  • CLIENT Lake Tahoe CCD
  • LOCATIONSouth Lake Tahoe, California