TESTIMONIALS - Maas Companies


San Diego City College

“MAAS always maintained a high level of energy throughout the process in preparing a unique planning document specific to the needs and expectations of the College.”

– Anthony Beebe
Past President, San Diego City College
Superintendent/President, Santa Barbara City College

Cabrillo College

“MAAS excelled in their ability to develop a collaborated, inclusive, transparent process in the development of our Educational Master Plan. Their responsiveness and expertise were key factors that contributed to the successful completion of this critical college endeavor”

– Dr. Brian King
Past Superintendent/President, Chabot College Chancellor, Los Rios CCD

College of the Desert

“It has been a pleasure to work with the MAAS Program Manager and the staff of project and accounting professionals here at Desert Community College District. They have assisted us to evaluate, direct and monitor the many construction projects here on our multiple campuses. We have benefitted from their expertise in foreseeing and overcoming obstacles typical of any major construction project.

They have been able guardians of the taxpayer’s funds and District’s goals. We look forward to a continued, successful relationship as we complete the vision for the District and the Community.”

-Jerry R. Patton
Past President, College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA

Barstow Community College

“We at Barstow Community College were extremely pleased with the process pursued by EIS Professionals (now MAAS) in facilitating the development of the college’s educational master plan. They were inclusive, and interviewed scores of people, both internal and external to the college. The final product was a highly usable document full of relevant data and information that was in keeping with standards established by the accrediting commission and the state chancellor’s office. The EMP, which included unbiased and insightful recommendations, will help to guide the future planning and development of the college. I give EIS Professionals (now MAAS) my highest ranking as consultants”

– Thom M. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Past President/Superintendent, Barstow Community College

Evergreen Valley College

“I appreciate their (MAAS Companies) philosophy of developing a long-term relationship with a College even after the successful completion of the educational master planning process. It is reassuring to know they will continue to be accessible and a valuable resource to the College in the future”.

– David Wain Coon
Past President, Evergreen Valley College

State Center Community College District

“The Plans were specifically customized to reflect the unique characteristics and qualities of each campus.”

– Dr. Tom Crow
Chancellor, State Center CCD (Retired)

Cañada College

“Their ability in gaining the confidence of the different segments of the college by working productively with each group contributed to a successful and positive experience in the development of our Educational Master Plan.”

– Dr. Tom Mohr
President, Cañada College

Moreno Valley College

“With a wonderful combination of skills and a calming presence, the MAAS team was able to guide us to a successful completion of our Educational & Facility Master Plan during a very challenging time at our College. They built a foundation of trust throughout the process with their desire to interact with all the different aspects of the College in a positive and open dialog. At the conclusion of the Educational & Facility Master Planning process, the MAAS team members were not viewed as consultants but as valuable and talented member of our College community. We look forward to welcoming them back to our campus in the future.”

– Lisa Conyers
Vice President Educational Services, Moreno Valley College