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Master Planning Services

Lake Tahoe Community College District

Location: South Lake Tahoe, California Category: Educational Master Planning MAAS Companies, Inc. is providing professional support services specific to the coordination and development of the Lake Tahoe Community College’s Educational Master Plan. LTCC has completed numerous planning activities yielding data integral to the planning process. Building on the work completed, MAAS is performing additional analysis to prepare [...]

Napa Valley College

Location: Napa, California Category: Educational Master Planning MAAS Companies assisted Napa Valley College in the Educational Master Planning process by conducting individual interviews with the college’s Instructional Program Coordinators and Program Evaluation Planning (PEP) Coordinators. The purpose of the interviews was to provide follow-up to the college’s online survey to ensure stakeholders within the college were provided […]

State Center Community College District

Location: Fresno, California Category: Educational Master Planning MAAS Companies developed Educational Master Plans for all 3 campuses within the District; Fresno City College, Reedley College, Willow International Center and the overall District Plan. MAAS worked closely with committees at each campus to ensure the plans were unique to each site and reflected the future needs of each […]

West Valley College

Location: Saratoga, California Category: Employee and Student Survey MAAS Companies coordinated with West Valley College to develop and deploy an Employee (Faculty, Staff, Administrators) Survey and a Student Survey. The purpose of the surveys was to measure perception and satisfaction with the college environment as it related to the four WASC/ACCJC Accreditation Standards. The surveys were designed […]

San Bernardino Community College District

Location: San Bernardino, California Category: Educational Master Planning, State Reporting and Funding MAAS Companies provided services for the development of a comprehensive Educational Master Plan for the District including specific plans for Crafton Hills and San Bernardino Valley Colleges. Additional services for the District include the development of IPP’s FPP’s and related documents for the funding of […]

Moreno Valley Community College

Location: Moreno Valley, California Category: Educational & Facilities Master Planning MAAS Companies completed a comprehensive regional study in cooperation with Mt. San Jacinto Community College. MAAS Companies has also provided the following services for the District; Educational Master Planning, Site Approval, Five-Year Plans, FPP’s, $36 million in state funding, and Asset Management of district real estate.

Southwestern Community College

Location: Chula Vista, California Category: Educational & Facilities Master Planning and State Reporting In collaboration with LPA Architects, MAAS developed a comprehensive Educational and Facilities Master Plan for the District. MAAS also completed a comprehensive Five (5) Year Capital Construction Plan for the District (including specific plans for a new Educational Center), the development of Initial Project […]

Cabrillo Community College

Location: Aptos, California Category: Educational & Facilities Master Planning and State Reporting MAAS’ initial scope of work was the development of an Educational and Facilities Master Plan for the College which lead to the decision to request voter approval of an $89 M capital construction bond issue. The bond issue passed in 1998 and MAAS Companies, Inc. [...]

Barstow Community College

Location: Barstow, California Category:Educational & Facility Master Planning MAAS provided professional services for the coordination and development of Barstow Community College’s Educational & Facility Master Plans. In the overall integrated planning process, the intent of the Educational Master Plan was to guide the Facility Master Plan based on the College’s program of instruction and support services. […]

San Jose Evergreen Community College District

Location: San Jose, California Category: Master Planning MAAS Companies provided consulting services to the District for the development and update of the Educational & Facilities Master Plans for San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley College. MAAS Companies has provided on-going services to the District for the past 20 years. Over that time, the Company has provided […]