Cabrillo Community College - Maas Companies


Location: Aptos, California

Category: Educational & Facilities Master Planning and State Reporting

MAAS’ initial scope of work was the development of an Educational and Facilities Master Plan for the College which lead to the decision to request voter approval of an $89 M capital construction bond issue. The bond issue passed in 1998 and MAAS Companies, Inc. was employed to establish a Facilities Development Office and oversee the master planning and construction as the “Owners Representative” for the College. As part of their responsibilities, MAAS Companies updated the Facilities Master Plan for the College, which included a new education center in Watsonville and also a leased facility for a center in Scotts Valley. These Centers included state and federal grant funding in addition to the local bond funds.

MAAS Companies has continued to assist the College with both planning and in state reporting requirements including the Annual Space Inventory report, IPP’s, FPP’s and the 5-Year Capital Construction Plan and all related state reports.

In 2012-2013, MAAS Companies developed Educational & Facilities Master Plans for the college. As part of the process, MAAS Companies also updated the coding of space on campus to ensure that the projections used for the Facilities Master Plan were as up to date as possible. Both Plans were developed with substantial input from personal interviews and consistent communication and review from all segments of the college community throughout the process. The process yielded detailed information for the Colleges that will be instrumental in future planning at both Colleges.

Cabrillo College Educational Master Planning

Since spring of 2012, MAAS Companies has been working with different segments of the college community in the collaboration and development of the Cabrillo College Educational Master Plan.

Please take the time to review the Educational Master Plan and forward any questions, comments or suggestions to Jeff Kellogg at or contact him directly at 562-500-5333. Comments and suggestions will be accepted through January 25, 2013.