Barstow Community College - Maas Companies


Location: Barstow, California

Category:Educational & Facility Master Planning

MAAS provided professional services for the coordination and development of Barstow Community College’s Educational & Facility Master Plans. In the overall integrated planning process, the intent of the Educational Master Plan was to guide the Facility Master Plan based on the College’s program of instruction and support services.

Barstow Community College is unique in offering a notably high number of sections online to students. An analysis by instructional delivery method was conducted for the College to address the significant number of students taking classes through distance learning. This process yielded detailed information for the College by evaluating both types of offerings with a focus on student success, retention and enrollment patterns. The results of the analysis will be instrumental in future planning at Barstow Community College. In addition to a complete Program of Instruction analysis, the Educational Master Plan includes an Enrollment Management Plan to assist with long-range planning at the College.

The Facility Master Plan was prepared to demonstrate the space needs for the College to accommodate its academic curriculum in the future and its long range planning efforts. The Educational Master Plan was finalized and approved by the Board of Trustees in 2011 and the Facility Master Plan in 2013.