Cabrillo College - Project Status

Cabrillo Community College project status with MAAS Companies

These web pages have been set up to provide the public with information updates on the master planning process.

Cabrillo College Educational Master plan - Project Status on December 17, 2012

After months of working with the different constituency groups at the College gaining information and collecting data, the completed draft of the Cabrillo Educational Master Plan is now available for review. In addition to being posted on the College’s web site and this site, all college employees were e-mailed the link to the document by the President’s office requesting feedback. Any questions or comments can be sent to Jeff Kellogg at or contacted directly at 562 500-5333. Questions and comments about the Plan will be accepted throughout December and until January 25th with a presentation of the final Educational Master Plan given on the February 4th “Flex Day”. As the consultants to the College, we have conducted interviews either on-site or by phone, provided an on-line survey specific to students and another for administrator, staff and faculty, in addition to incorporating existing planning documents such as Program Reviews into the document. This is the Cabrillo College Educational Master Plan, developed from and for the College that will productively contribute to the future needs of the College. On behalf of everyone at MAAS Companies, Inc., we would like to thank Cabrillo College for the opportunity to be of service in this matter.

Cabrillo College Educational Master plan – Project Status on September 20, 2012

With the fall term currently under way, the MAAS team begins the next phase of the process for the College’s Educational Master Plan (“Plan”). We are currently completing a draft of the section focusing on the current curriculum baseline for the institutional programs of instruction which will assist in forecasting future needs. This section of the EMP will present a projected future program of instruction using enrollment growth, class sections, weekly student contact hours (WSCH) with lecture and laboratory hours as a basis for determination of future growth. We would like to thank Dan Borges and Rick Fillman, with the Institutional Research Department, for their assistance in providing us with all of the critical data. This section, as well as all of the other material developed for the Plan will be made available to everyone at the College for review and feedback in the upcoming months.

It is critical to have participation from as many members of the college community as possible as we move forward in the development of the Plan. Another opportunity to participate will be through the on-line survey that we will be launching by the end of September and is intended to present anyone who is interested and willing, an opportunity to participate in the process. The questions for the survey have been developed for Cabrillo College and address specific issues. We look forward to the response from Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students and their contribution to this section of the Plan. We realize how hectic these next few months can become so if anyone has any questions about the process or elements of the Educational Master Plan that they would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact the MAAS team by contacting Jeff Kellogg at 562-500-5333 or

Cabrillo College Educational Master Plan - Project Status on August 1, 2012

The MAAS Companies consulting team has been busy since our initial visit to the college prior to the close of the spring semester, gathering information and data for the College’s Educational Master Plan (“EMP”). Our first visit in April allowed us the opportunity to meet with students, some members of the administration, classified staff, and faculty, including the Academic Senate, who provided valuable suggestions at the beginning of the analysis process.

During the last few summer months, we have developed drafts of the external scan and internal scan, gathering data about the college and its surrounding service area. In addition, on July 25th, members of the MAAS Team were back on campus to conduct additional one-on-one interviews with members of the faculty, who were involved with the summer session. We truly appreciate the twelve instructors who took the time during finals' week to share their thoughts and opinions with us.

We also followed up using an electronic survey highlighting with other faculty members, whom we could not personally interview. Those responses will be added to our growing dataset of participant responses and comments to the process.

Members of the college, who have not yet been personally contacted to participate, should know that this is only the beginning of the process, with much more work to be done. We will continue to seek the contributions of the College’s various stakeholders and constituencies.

For example, a campus-wide, on-line survey is under development and will be launched in the early weeks of the fall semester and will give everyone, including students, an opportunity to participate in the educational master planning process. All of the responses to the survey are anonymous and confidential and will be securely returned to the consulting team at MAAS for aggregation and interpretation. Other events such as campus-wide open forums and additional one-on-one or group interviews are also planned for the next few months.

Finally, during the July 25th interviews, some questions were raise that we felt were important to share with everyone at the College. Here are just two examples of such questions:

What is the difference between a Strategic Plan and an Educational Master Plan?

The Strategic Plan identifies what the college’s vision, mission, goals and priorities are, whereas the Educational Master Plan outlines the implementation of those priorities as part of the integrated planning process.

What do you believe should be the foundation for the development of the EMP?

The foundation of any Educational Master Plan should be the college’s program of instruction and student support services.