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These web pages have been set up to provide the public with information updates on the master planning process.

Letter From The President

The Barstow Community College District has a proud history of service to its students and community. For more than 53 years, we have strived to offer first-class post-secondary educational experiences for the students who have attended our college each year, whether in person or through distance education. Another mission of the college district has been to promote the workforce and economic development of the greater Barstow region.

The 2013 Facility Master Plan has been developed in support of the College’s 2011 Educational Master Plan and represents an important component in our overall integrated planning efforts. This plan provides a comprehensive framework for addressing the facilities’ needs of the college for the benefit of the students who take classes here, the dedicated faculty who teach here, the classified staff who provide important support services, and the people in the communities served by the college. The plan will assist in building and maintaining a sustainable infrastructure about which we can be proud: one that provides an optimal learning environment for our students, an inspiring place in which to teach and learn, and a valuable cultural resource for our community at large.

I thank the Facilities Planning Committee and commend all of those who participated in the planning process and assisted in shaping this document. Special thanks to Virgil Stanford, Vice President of Administrative Services, and Richard Hernandez, Interim Director of Maintenance & Operations, for overseeing the research and analysis while also engaging in the dialogue needed to produce this strategic document. Jeff Kellogg and Steve Hubbard of EIS Professionals headed a team of consultants that provided the integration, structure, and content to the plan.

The Barstow Community College Facilities Master Plan will enable us to achieve our vision of the future, fulfill our mission and goals, and serve our increasingly diverse and vibrant community with quality, relevance, and commitment as we move into the next decade. On behalf of the board of trustees, I extend our appreciation to the community for its past and future support, thus enabling Barstow Community College to continue to provide for the higher education needs of students in the High Desert, enhancing the workforce and economic development of the region, and being the center for cultural experiences in greater Barstow.


Thom M. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Barstow Community College