Barstow Community College - Plan Objectives

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These web pages have been set up to provide the public with information updates on the master planning process.

Objectives of the Master Plan

The objectives of the Plan were as follows:

  • To anticipate courses, programs and services of the College for the next 15 years.
  • To project the delivery of a balanced curriculum, providing transfer, career/ technical and basic skills education.
  • To provide analysis of the current program of instruction from a WSCH/FTEF (Weekly Student Contact Hours/Full Time Equivalent Faculty) and WSCH/SEC (Weekly Student Contact Hours/ Section) perspective; and to provide a framework for how such analysis may be conducted by the District on an ongoing basis.
  • To project the future space/facilities needs for the College through the year 2025.
  • To provide an Educational Master Plan that will serve as a decision-making tool and reference for the future.
  • To maximize the efficiency and productivity of the District to increase the opportunities for future qualification for State funds for capital construction.
  • To establish and document the need for, and linkages between, the various planning efforts at the District.